Are your prospects always asking for changes to your pricing model and or are they consuming your time by trying to dissect the pricing?​​

"Pricing that is easy for the client to understand and compatible with their business"

​Spending too much time explaining to prospects how your solution solves their problem and or are you even getting the chance to explain?

"Present your service/solution so it clearly addresses the client's business need"

Value Based Pricing Workshop: (Day Four)

Service/Product Workshop: (Day Three)

Target Market Workshop: (Second Day)

Master Messaging Workshop: (First Day)

We start with our educational workshops and provide you with the knowledge, skills, plus techniques to build a sustainable revenue generating engine!  Working together, we re-align the strategy, implement proven tactics and on-board the team to start delivering!

Are you connecting with the actual decision maker or speaking with others who will consume your time?

“ Identify and only speak to persons with the need and authority to give you an order”

Process Workshop: (Day Five)​

"Work Smarter not Harder, Grow Faster"

​How easy are you to do business with? Are you spending too much time on proposals/RFP's and getting poor results?

"Seamless alignment from prospect to order!"

​Hire & Compensate for Success Workshop: (Day Six)​

​​​Are you getting serious leads/buying signals or wasting     your time with info-hounds?

"​Get serious leads and buying signals from prospects with a need, an urgency to solve their problem and a budget to buy! "

How effective are you at hiring productive sales people and keeping them? Ever hire proven superstars and they fail in your firm?

"Identify the skills and profiles that best match your firms needs! Hire for success!"