​​Established in 2001 Clarity Plus consulting group's training, development and coaching programs have helped businesses get control and quickly realign their business development process. 

Controlling and managing a disciplined process drives success.With over 90 years of proven successful revenue experience, we teach and demonstrate how to improve revenues and reduce the cost of sales.

"Only once an organization discovers it's true purpose, can the individual define theirs...this is how clarity drives certainty."



Clarity Plus the Company

Benefits of a balanced revenue process:

  • ​Increased revenues

  • Healthier margins
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Lower sales costs
  • Dependable forecasts
  • A story that engages qualified buyers
  • A story that discourages tire kickers
  • Product/Service branding balance
  • ​Precise go-to market strategies
  • Cost effective lead generation program
  • Target markets identified
  • Value based pricing models
  • Productive compensation plans
  • ​Successful re-seller/channel compensation plans
  • Successful re-seller / channel programs
  • Effective re-seller / channel strategy/plans
  • ​Presentations that sell
  • Engaged and focused sales department

"Work Smarter not Harder, Grow Faster"