"Work Smarter not Harder, Grow Faster"

“The Clarity Plus revenue workshops truly helped us understand the sales process.   Having hired salespeople in the past, unsuccessfully, Rob and Frank helped us realize that creating revenue is a process. It can’t be solved by simply by hiring someone.   As a result, we were able to capture our value in a simple and concise message, leverage that to stop chasing the wrong prospects, and ensure that our services were priced to showcase our value.  Overall it was a great learning experience.”

Stephen Simmons, CEO and President TNG

" If you want to be as lucky as we have been at the BITA Group, you will take my advice and

call Frank Dion-the message man who gives you clarity. His mantra is crawl, run, walk! you may have heard this before but he is right and has a huge amount of care and accountability to your success as his client. There are two distinct unique feature about Frank. He has been a intrapreneur, entrepreneur, service, administration and sales to CEO. He is also grounded and thoughtful man and has your best interests at all times, we learned a lot."                 

Elizabeth Bidinoff, CEO and Founder 

" The revenue generating engine process rapidly clarified our purpose, focus and direction. The method was a great experience and assisted us to clearly articulate our message. It was an exciting learning experience and our new message acceptance has been amazing."  

Pat Shaw, Executive Director, Techconnex Canada.

" Clarity's disciplined approach combined with their demonstrated revenue process enabled us to repackage our offering and secure a large North American order"

Brad Rooke, Principle and founder of Sevion canada.

"The RGE System brought both order and discipline to our sales environment during an early stage in our companies growth. The approach had an immediate and positive impact in a very short period of time, not only on the sales team results, but best of all on each and every sales representative."

Steve McCartney, President & CEO of FCI Broadband