"Work Smarter not Harder, Grow Faster"

Process Workshop: (Day Five)​

​"Seamless alignment from prospect to order!

How easy are you to do business with internally and externally! Do you have standards that are seamless to the sales department and clients? Does every order require a lot human intervention to process? Are the sales people spending time on admin instead of selling? Are there too many client issues? This area not properly structured does cause profit and client loss.

Processes:  You will develop the knowledge and skills to quickly identify areas that may be slowing down the sales process. You will also get a clear understanding of business flow and how to rapidly repair areas of concern.

Learn and develop the skills to:

  • Proper forecasting
  • Client Management Process
  • CRM effectiveness
  • Effective proposals
  • Order process
  • Issue response
  • Backlog management