"Work Smarter not Harder, Grow Faster"

​Service/Product Workshop: (Day Three)

​"Your offering presented clearly and addresses the client's business need"

​​Every day millions of sales people pitch their product/service and face the uphill battle of long sales cycles. Learn to reduce the sales cycle by properly aligning what you are selling?

Service/Product Positioning:  You will develop the skills and ability to identify your real offering to your clients. Be able to articulate your true value, such as pedigree, experience, knowledge, capabilities, successes and client service demonstrating great value.

Learn and develop the skills to:

  • Represent the product/service in a solution format
  • Identify the core value to the client, in your offering
  • Package the service to attract client’s attention. (Optics)
  • Learn what are you selling from the client’s view